The Effects of Radio Music and Radio Static on Laying Hens

(J. Ladd, J.L. Albright, and A. Beck, Purdue University)

The effects of radio music and radio static on 20 month-old White Leghorn laying hens housed either singly or in cages of 6-12 hens per cage were studied. In general, this study suggests that 1 week of added radio music may keep laying hens more active, feeding more, standing less, more attentive (more headshaking), and producing larger eggs than if no music was added. It also suggests that adding 1 week of radio static may cause the hens to be less aggressive, produce larger eggs, and have more eosinophils than if no sounds were added. It is suggested that, as chicks, the hens may have imprinted on the fan noise in their incubators. Thus, adding music at this early age may increase the well-being of the chickens if music is played throughout their lives.

# This article appeared in the Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter, Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 1994/1995