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A permanently installed sound system is the preferred option for any facility that hosts shows, clinics, or any event that requires a reliable sound system on a regular basis.    The advantages greatly outweigh a portable sound system for many reasons.


  • One time set up
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience
  • Consistency of coverage and sound
  • Tamper Proof System
  • Safety

When your system is permanently installed you tend to use it more frequently, getting the most out of your investment.   Having the ability to turn on your system, select your media of choice and being set to go.   Versus…   retrieving your system from its storage locker, carting the gear to the designated set up location, sorting through multiple types of cables, locating your power source…   If your system is always hooked up and ready to go, as opposed to setting it up every time, you are likely to use it more often. Many of our customers use their systems constantly.

A tamper free/tamper resistant system assures consistency of coverage and sound.  Most system mishaps are the result of novice users attempting to make “improvements.”   The possibility of these system adjustments are significantly reduced with a permanently installed hard-wired system.

Safety should always be an important factor in any environment.  The elimination of cable "trip hazards" in the performance space increases safety for the clinician/trainer and the horse.

Finally, a permanently installed sound system can increase revenue for your facility, making it a more attractive option for local events, seminars, workshops and training sessions.

Or simply background music while you work.

We use music to relieve stress; to improve concentration or to trigger inspiration.

There have been hundreds of small-scale experiments examining the effects of music on memory, concentration and sport performance.

Three researchers decided to take a closer look at all the evidence. Compiling all background music-related experiments published on adults, they thoroughly analyzed their combined results. The researchers found some common themes that include:

  • athletic performance improves with music
  • fast paced music increases the speed that you can perform the task in hand
  • music tends to lift the mood and may help with monotonous tasks

The importance of being able to select your own music was found to be equally important.
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