Our goal is to ensure that every project is integrated seamlessly into your facility with minimal interruption to your daily routines and completed in a professional and timely fashion.

Upon acceptance of our proposal a project outline - which includes a detailed materials list, installation schedule and timelime for completion is provided.

We will be contact with you throughout the project, as required, to assure your satisfaction with the overall process. At the same time, we are always available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Timelines for completion are determined by the scope of your project. While the simpler less challenging install may be accomplished in a day, the more sophisticated installation will require additional time.

Floor Plan

After careful evaluation of your needs and desires, Equine Audio will provide a detailed floorplan illustrating your unique system.

Pre-Wire Matrix

Ensure everything is installed to the correct location

Initial Wiring

Wiring goes in rough framing.

Trim Out

All volume controls, wall plates and speakers are installed.

Final Installation & Calibration

Remaining equipment is installed. Final tune of system is completed.


Educating the end user .